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Dress up your walkway or patio with concrete paving stones. Offering a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns that complement any architectural motif and can make any landscape design possible.

Things to consider:

  • Get a general layout of what you want your walkway to look like
  • Call local utilities before you start to dig to make sure your area is clear of pipes or wires
  • Slope the area for proper drainage

How to*:

  • Remove soil or existing surface according to specifications (i.e 4”-8”)
  • The width of the excavation (behind your edge) should be equal to base depth
  • Slope for drainage so water doesn’t pool on your surface
  • Rake bottom to grade and compact with plate tamper if needed
  • Cover your area with geotextile fabric (Prevents erosion and contamination of base)
  • Install 3/4″ modified stone up to specifications
  • Compact the modified with a plate tamper (4”-6” layers)
  • Install 1” of coarse sand for a level setting bed
  • Lay your pavers in a desired pattern
  • Install a plastic edge restraint around the perimeter and spike into foundation
  • Fill your joints with sand or polymer sand to lock in pavers
  • Sweep off excess and mist
  • Place topsoil in place to cover edge restraints

* These are general guidelines for most applications for pavers and intended to indicate the scope of such a project. Your own application may require additional explanation which State Road Builders is happy to provide. This is not intended to be your final installation instructions.


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