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If you are on the lookout for paver stone suppliers, then State Road Builders Supply is here to serve. We offer a range of stone pavers from some of the best suppliers and manufacturers in the industry, so you can rest assured that you are getting a fashionable and durable product. Browse our selection for yourself by stopping by or get in touch and one of our expert staff members will walk you through the process of choosing the right pavers for your project. Whether you are doing a small pathway leading from your front door, or you’re looking to create a stunning outdoor patio or sitting space, we have something you will appreciate.

Serving Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia County

 Belgard Pavers and Retaining Walls

Belgard is one of the building material suppliers that help us supply you with different hardscape collections of texture and style of your favorite architectural design. We have partnered with Belgard to provide durable, resistant pavers. All pavers have a great detail of different textures, colors, and scales to match the outdoor style you are going for. 

There are six unique collections of Belgard pavers to pick form, including three different types of retaining walls. The Belgard paver collection has different profiles that are highly customizable to fit your taste. 

Here are some of our best selling Belgard pavers supplied to commercial and residential customers in the Folcroft area: 

  • The Porcelain Stone Finish is one of our best seller with different finishes, such as the Ardesie, Glocal, Unico, and more

The Porcelain Stone Finish pavers bring a highly contemporary style and are great for your pool pavements and are stain-resistant and non-porous. For more details on the retaining walls we supply from our Belgard manufacturer, click here for a full catalogue.

  • Heritage pavers have a time-worn organic tumbled look in two different styles, Dublin Cobble, and Old York. The Heritage collection also has three wall styles, Aspen Stone, Bookshire, and Westone Stone. Here is a Heritage paver sample below:
Heritage paver sample by Belgard

If you are in the {city:uppercase_first_character_words} area and are interested in bringing back a fresh antique look to your outdoor, contact Pavers State Road Builders Supply today.

  • The Metropolitan pavers have a simplistic modern look and have two different styles that are highly customizable. The collection consists of the following styles: Catalina Grana and Lafitt Grana Slab. The Metropolitan collection fits right into the 21st century family and can give your outdoor an upscale appearance with cool tones. Contact your local paver supplier in Folcroft for more information on how you enhance your outdoor appearance. 
Metropolitan paver sample by Belgard
  • The Natural pavers lean towards a sculptured appearance.Think of stoner textures with a sculptured edge to it. Give your house the perfect hardscape design that automatically blends in with natural surroundings.
Natural paver sample by Belgard

If you reside in areas that have warm-toned colors, this collection is perfect for you. We also supply the Natural collection retaining walls. The possibilities are endless and you can find more details on the Belair Wall, Diamond Pro wall, Lafitt Tandem, Aspen Stone, Brookshire wall, and Westone Stone wall designs in our Belgard brochure here.

Newline Hardscapes Pavers and Retaining walls

Newline Hardscapes is another manufacturer we partner with to supply durable, in-fashion pavers and wall retainers. There is a vast variety of pavers and slabs with textures and styles of retaining walls according to your lifestyle.
Here are a few of our favorite pavers and slabs by New line hardscapes:
Terrace Stone is created to be laid as a permeable and standard pavement system. This style comes in different sizes, colors, and patterns available in slate-face finish and smooth-face finish

Terrace Stone by Newline Hardscapes

A paver and wall retaining supplier serving Folcroft can help you decide the exact dimension and specifications for your Terrace Stone paver.
● The Classic Cobble paver collection is right for you if you love a good ol’ fashioned look for your pool side.

Classic Cobble by Newline Hardscapes

The Classic Cobble has a great flexibility of design. This collection comes in colors coastal tan, fieldstone, granite, mesquite, and more, including three shades of accent colors, which you can choose from on page 35 of our catalogue.
Although we have our favorites, there are other detailed cobble designs we supply. If you are in the Folcroft area, contact State Road Builders Supply to find which Newline Hardscapes pavement design and style is right for you. You can also check out our catalog to view extensive lists, shades, textures, and colors of pavers and wall retainers for you to choose from.

Techo Bloc Pavers and Retaining Walls

For our eco-conscious customers, State Road Builders Supply supplies eco-friendly permeable pavers through Techo Bloc. We pride ourselves in supplying permeable pavers because they are structured in a way to weather through a storm, they are built to filter out contaminants and debris from rainwater and can flush out pollutants via a transition layer. Your pavers will rarely fade or collect lasting dirt when State Road Builders Supply delivers Techo Bloc pavers. Think of these as ageless pavers! The collections are permeable by design and have excellent permeable capabilities in distinct schemes and colors. Here are some of our most supplied stones for retaining walls and pavers:

Antika is one of most unique permeable paver we supply to residents in the {del_co:uppercase_first_character_words] area. They come in chocolate and chestnut brown, sandlewood, shale grey, and onyx black. As you can see, these stones are great for retaining walls in such an old-fashioned, yet classic style. You can’t go wrong with the Antika pavers.

Antika paver by Techo Bloc

● The Blu 80 mm is another durable stone that has a slate and modern collection of pavers in various shades of gray and brown tones. The image above features a sample of the Blu 80 mm slate collection in gray and brown hues. The Blu 80 mm modern collection has a finer appearance and HD smooth and polished texture in comparison to the slate collection.This is a collection you want for a modern home. The collection truly lives up to its name.

● The Mika paver is another one of our supplied collections by Techo Bloc.The appearance is slightly rough but the feel of Mika is smooth and perfect for French style homes.

Mika paver by Techo Bloc

Techo Bloc also has a variety of retaining walls for residents in Folcroft to choose from. Here are two of our favorite retaining walls:
● The Borealis, commonly referred to as patio stones, look and feel like wood planks, but come in three enchanting colors as seen above and are large pieces of timber made out of concrete. These stones are maintenance-free and can present a wooden look for your garden beds.

Borealis patio stone by Techo Bloc

Suprema retaining walls typically come in shale grey and offer a traditional, natural stone look. These textured and durable walls are great for the home garden area.
We supply many Techo Bloc retaining walls and pavers not just for their permeability, but also for the smooth feel they bring, as well as the various neutral tones. There is a vast supply of Techo Bloc materials in our catalogue here for you to choose from. Click the link to view the catalogue of some of our supplied pavers by our Techo Bloc manufacturers.

Contact State Road Builders Supply and find out how we can provide you with high quality pavers for your home and commercial facility. We serve Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, and the Philadelphia County area. Adding paver stones offers many benefits to both home and business owners. Pavers add value to your home and curb appeal. They provide a luxurious look but without the higher price tag of concrete and other poured patios and pathways. When used in conjunction with landscaping designs, they are also beneficial when used outside businesses, as they can give your office a more upscale appearance, which creates a more professional vibe for customers as they approach. Give us a call today for pavers and retaining walls supplied to the Folcroft area.


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