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Looking for a veneer stone supply company? You have come to the right place. State Road Builders Supply is committed to offering top of the line products that you can trust. Our staff is highly knowledgeable about all the products we carry, so you can come to us for recommendations and expert advice on which items to choose. For decades, we have been providing the Fox Chase area with quality veneer stone products you can rely on at prices you can afford. We’re proud to work with local homeowners, as well as professional builders and landscapers looking for stone, pavers and retaining walls, insulation, brick, block, and other building supplies and materials.

What is Veneer Stone Used for?

Veneer stone, or faux stone, is a durable man-made material created to resemble a real stone. Composed of cement and natural aggregates and pigments of iron oxide, veneer stone for exterior and interior wall designs, accent walls, fireplace ambience, exterior siding columns, and more. At State Road Builders Supply, we supply a variety of veneer stone to customers in Fox Chase.

Different Kinds of Manufactured Veneer Stone We Have Available

 We have partnered with the Cultured Stone brand to supply premium stone veneer, founded by one of the finest master craftsmen in 1962. The cement mix in the making of the veneer stone adds to its durability and endurance. You get a variety of veneer stone profiles with their own collections, colors, shapes, and styles with Cultured Stone. While there are a vast majority, here are some of our favorite veneer stone profiles:

The Sculpted Ashlar brings a contemporary, yet traditional look. Though they come in different shades of gray and brown to mimic real stones, they have neat and distinct, with a tumbled finish. If you are looking for a bridge of nature with precision, a Sculptured Ashlar collection is worth looking into. If you need consultation on what color and style to go for, contact a veneer stone supplier near Fox Chase to navigate you on selecting the best veneer stone for your project. Below are a fews images from the Sculpted Ashlar collection.

The Hewn Stone profile comes in five different sizes, but has tight-fitted mortar joints, creating a thin, fine line separating each block shaped veneer stone from one another. They are great for indoor wall designs. We have seen many customers use the Hewn Stone as an accent wall or as the surrounding wall for their fireplace area. You might have even seen these kinds of designs on the interior walls of a place you have been to before and now you know they are probably a veneer stone.

Country Ledgestone is one popular type of veneer stone from the Cultured Stone profile because of its Countryside inspired pattern. This type of veneer stone has a mix of light tan and brown colors with slight hues of gray to give it a more natural flare. They not only are easy to install, but also true to color. For more designs from the Cultured Stone veneer stone design collection, click here or contact us to get in touch with a highly trained representative to help you find the right veneer stone for your home or new project.

Eldorado Stone is a high-quality veneer stone made of premium mineral oxides used to instill tones that are an exact match to real stones. These veneer stones are handled with care and creativity by some of the best Eldorado artisans. Most customers love the use of Eldorado Stones as their living room accent walls, fireplace surrounding walls, exterior columns, and more. Here are a few options to choose from, but there are a vast majority of veneer stones in the Eldorado Stone profiles with different collections supplied to customers in Fox Chase.

Pangaea Natural Stone was founded in 2004 to replicate natural stones and are superior for professional buildings. Although these veneer stones are curated to resemble natural stones, they are also great for exterior for professional and residential buildings. There are a total of seven profiles of Pangaea natural stone veneer, such as Quarry Ledge, 3 Course Ashlar, Castlestone, Roman Castle and more. All of these profiles and more can be found in the brochure here.

QuarryCut Stone manufactures veneer stones that are mixed with real stone materials to elongate product durability and longevity. When we supply QuarryCut Stone products, you can expect it to last up to 60+ years. There is an expanded palette of colors and styles for every part of your home, interior and exterior. Check out a few styles of the veneer Quarrycut Stones supplied to customers in Fox Chase. For more information and visuals on QuarryCut Stone check out the catalogue here or contact State Road Builders Supply.

 We supply a diverse range of shapes, color and texture that will enhance the exterior and interior spacing of your home. Contact State Road Builders Supply today and find out what brand and style of veneer stone suit your needs today!


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