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Looking for a bulk topsoil supply company? State Road Builders Supply in Upper Darby provides topsoil for a range of uses, whether you need a large amount for commercial applications or just a small bit for your own home landscaping and gardening projects. The uses for topsoil are many, and we are committed to providing you with the materials you need to complete whatever job you have in mind. Not only is it commonly used to repair lawns that have had damage done, but it can also be used to create drainage systems to help you yard drain excess water more efficiently. Additionally, topsoil is used for growing and planting flowers and even edibles in flower beds, gardens, and other areas. You can find topsoil that closely mimics the soil you naturally have in your yard, allowing the native plants you have there to continue thriving. You can also find soils that are tailored toward certain plant life.

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There are no consistent standards for what topsoil contains, so it may have a variety of different components and matter. It is generally comprised of decaying material, lime, fertilizer, and other organic materials. Additionally, it may contain more or less clay or sand and should be matched with the soil you have around your home or business, or it should contain more of whatever types of soil you need to achieve a specific goal, such as drainage or feeding a specific type of plant. If you are attempting to grow plant life using topsoil, it is important that you determine which minerals and soil types are most beneficial for the specific plants you’ve chosen. 


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Topsoil can be used on lawns and other larger areas, but it is most often used to create plants and flower beds. You do this by adding a 2-3 inch layer into the area you’re using. That means the amount you need will directly correlate with the size of your bed. Mix the topsoil with the upper 4-inches of your gardening soil, if using, to create a transitional layer between the two soil types. This will prevent any drainage issues from arising. Topsoil is also commonly used to repair low-lying areas of your lawn to even out a yard that has potholes, or that is uneven. It’s also used in areas where there are bald spots.