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Wallstone Supplier in Upper Darby

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If you are on the search for wallstone suppliers, State Road Builders Supply is sure to be your stopping point. We carry a range of products that will you achieve whatever building or landscaping project you’re going for. Wallstone is a great way to add a natural aesthetic to your outdoor spaces, as they are derived from natural stone which is stacked together to create the wall. We work with some of the top local suppliers to offer quality wallstone that you can use to provide your outdoor spaces with functional walls, while also adding elegance and a more natural appeal.

Pennsylvania medium fieldstone wallstone supplier upper darby
Pennsylvania Medium Fieldstone Wallstone
west mountain wallstone supplier upper darby
West Mountain Wallstone
pennsylvania snapped edge colonial full color
Snapped Edge Thin Full Color
pennsylvania snapped edge colonial full color
PA Regular Fieldstone

Serving Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia County

There are many benefits to using wallstone outside your home or business. Namely, they are beautiful in nature and will add curb appeal to your home or business. This can not only enhance your home’s value but will also provide businesses with a more welcoming exterior to draw in new customers. It has been shown that businesses with manicured and tailored landscaping are perceived as more professional and trustworthy than those without. Wallstone can also be used to create retaining walls for both large and smaller-scale projects. Our expert staff can help you determine which stones would be the best fit for whatever project you have in mind.


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Our team is committed to providing the very best products and services at affordable prices. We source our wallstones from some of the top supplies in the industry, and we ensure that all products we carry are of the highest level of quality. If you aren’t sure of which types of stones or pavers are the right fit for your needs, you can rely on us to take the time to fully understand your project to provide you with an expert recommendation for your upcoming job. We’ll also provide you with a free quote, so you can plan ahead with an accurate price point for all products and services.